Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday and bye-bye

Another STRONG sermon on Romans this morning from Nick, aided by the Holy Spirit - one congregant commented that she's hearing this teaching for the first time at age nearly 80 and hopes young people are really listening so they get the benefit at an early age.  I loved her comment of "keep up the God work".  Andreas will have it up on the church's blog in a couple of days.  After service we sent the boys home with the Phillipsies and joined a merry band at Robbie's in Washdyke for a birthday gathering for Nyree.  Sadly Lindsay couldn't join us due to lack of good health but we had a super gathering with Nyree and Rachael, Rene and Bronwyn, Andreas and Danielle and us.  Robbies makes impressive food!  Nick and I both had a plate of fish and chips - scrummy.
The evening service was also fabulous; Nick and I were a two-man worship team on guitar and violin although I was horribly nervous and wobbled and whispered more than usual.  After service we were at the Botha's for another farewell (please can no one else leave Timaru any time soon - this Sunday night last-night-here is going to be too sad!) - Violining Victoria has finished her nursing studies here and will be heading back home until a position becomes available.  We hope that Timaru Hospital can accommodate her!! 

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