Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starting on the goodbyes

Nick started his brand new series on Romans this morning with a BANG!  His enthusiasm for the book was evident and we are looking forward to getting into this very meaty and well-seasoned epistle.  You can listen to the sermon on the MRBC website (click on the link on the right hand side of the page to get there).  Dad surprised us all by waving his arm madly in the air while Nick was leading the service, to ask if he could just say a few words.  His heartfelt thanks to the congregation for their love and hospitality were nearly dry-eyed but just not quite! 
I had a slow-cooker roast and veggies going during the morning so lunch was ready in a jiffy when we arrived home at 12.30.  Nick and I popped out to {omit name of shop} for black doris plums, custard and ice-cream (a-la Danielle); I wanted to do a video clip of our self-checkout thingie but got told off by a shop assistant who came marching over and in her nicest confrontational manner asked if I had permission to be using a camera in the shop - I was mortified!  Anyway, enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at home; I ran a slideshow of the 1,160 holiday photos I'll be sending to SA on DVD. 
After the pm service we joined the Phillipses at the Botha's home for a last supper of pancakes.  Watched a bit of an Afrikaans gospel DVD which was pretty amazing.  Mom said she couldn't have thought of a better way to spend their last night in NZ!  I concur.  I think we may have been a bit mopey if we'd been hanging around our house.

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