Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fudged canary job

Wednesday: in which we nearly lost the school pet, Joseph the canary who might turn out to be a Sandy the Female Canary if he doesn't start singing soon, when the cage was opened to put in a mirror and seed bells.  The bird made a dash for it; fortunately the outside doors were shut and we closed the hall doors before it found a way in there!  Had to procure a butterfly net to catch the little thing before it shed all its cute orange feathers in fright.
Mom and Dad spent a quiet day at home, largely missing us, and making a batch of fudge which didn't exactly work out - I and my NZ butter are vindicated!  I was more sorry for Dad's sake than relieved for my own at my inability to produce proper confectionary.  It's still highly edible though for any Timaruvians who want to sample a bit! 

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Helen Williams said...

I had been wondering if Joseph was a Josephine. I have never heard him sing.