Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gearing up and down

The school's boys' cricket team, of which Caleb is a member, had their first matches today.  They walked five minutes down the road to the park (handy location) where they met their opponents who were scary and intimidating in their all-white gear.  Our team held up pretty well though with a near-lose.  The second match was not quite so close but our team tried hard.  We really need those votes for the National Bank Cricket Grant so we can at least have our own BALL!!  Spare a moment and vote here for us :)
After the boys were in bed, Nick and I snuck out for a walk up the street - the sun was setting and it was warm and still.  We figure these beautiful evenings will be rapidly tapering off as the end of summer is nearly upon us, and all too soon we'll be out of daylight savings and into quickly-shortening days.  We only walked as far as the end of our street before turning around again, but it was so great to be outside.

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