Monday, February 27, 2012

Environmentally friendly...

...or just plain green?  Had another mad Monday dress-up day, with green clothing and shaved heads (that part was optional - no one went for it).  Gathered the staff in Room 1 for a pic, thanks to Caleb for getting behind the camera on this one.  Had a pretty normal work day otherwise, with some serious stuff happening when we weren't too busy being ridiculous! 
Had Jemima here for a violin lesson this evening which was more fun than anything, trying out a few fast-paced duets in the Scottish ceilidh style.  Andreas and Danielle popped by while we were busy - perfect timing as they wanted to show us his brand new violin!!  Yay!!  Got the bow properly rosined and the strings tuned, and Andreas got a few pointers from Jemima who had stayed for a cup of coffee.  So excited that Andreas will be learning and look forward to hearing the progress!

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