Sunday, February 05, 2012

Violining Victoria

Sunday - much the same as usual, with church twice and some time at home in between and after.  We had our monthly fellowship lunch at the church which always means lots of chatting and great food (and Jeremiah's cheesecake is becoming an anticipated favourite).  I invited one of our young ladies, Victoria, to come home with us to play violin - this was the first time I've heard her play and by extension the first time we'd played together.  It was fantastic!!  We could play all manner of hymns together with harmonies, and so as the afternoon progressed and it got towards 4 pm and time to be back at the church for the afternoon practice with Bronwyn, Victoria came along and joined in, and played in church as well.  Yay - then no-one could really tell who was making any mistakes :) 

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