Sunday, July 24, 2011

Youth Camp 2011 coinciding with Snow 2011

Pam and Geoff left at midday (after church for Pam) to see penguins in Oamaru and the chocolate festival in Dunedin; Nick and Maddy were still away at camp, so I invited Danielle (Andreas was at camp) and half the Phillips family to lunch. We did one of those casual arrangements and I threw together a pasta dish. Grant left straight after lunch to do sermon prep, which left the three of us ladies to discuss life, parenting, womanhood and everything in between. I concluded that although I have many theories about parenting, it's very hard to put them into practice because I'm a sinner dealing with sinners :) No formula is going to be perfect...just ongoing prayer and refreshed attempts.The campers returned mid-afternoon, happy after an excellent weekend of ministry, games, activity, food and laughter. All went well by all accounts - praise the Lord! They had beautiful weather on Saturday and could play their volleyball and do the hike, and on Sunday morning the snow and cold came.At 4.20, just as we were about to leave for church, the anticipated snow came in lasted for two minutes, then stopped, then started again for another five. And that was that for us! Meanwhile, Pam and Geoff got stuck in Oamaru because the road to Dunedin was closed with the snow, and Christchurch had a whole foot of snow!! Timaru means 'place of shelter' there you go. No snow.

2 comments: said...

It's also snowing here! Altho not in JHB but in Durban of all places! Roads are even closed! :) hope you guys are keeping cozy and warm!

Genevieve said...

There you go - a real winter for you! I am sure it is because the northern hem. has all the heat with temps hovering around 100F lately.