Friday, July 08, 2011

Pam empties Timaru of wares

The Garnetts: Day Two. Pam and Geoff were awake and dressed and in their right minds by the time I was ready to take the boys to school; Nick joined the party and Maddy was still asleep. Was great to be able to show them our world - the boys' school is all the way on the other side of Timaru (a lengthy 9-minute drive) so they saw a fair amount of our town during the drop-off. Got to Stafford Street just as shops were opening. I don't think Nick had really anticipated an entire morning of going in and out of shops but I do think we all had fun watching Pam find bargains! Their NZ wardrobes needed a bit of padding - they had come from an Egyptian summer to the middle of a kiwi winter, so boots, gloves, hats, jackets, thermals and other sale items were hunted out and purchased. Timaru, and indeed New Zealand, thanks you for your patronage :) Stopped for coffee (Nick and Geoff nearly got left to their own company as Pam and I found more sales), arriving home practically just in time for lunch. And then there was still grocery shopping to be done! Pam was keen as a badger to join me and kindly pushed the trolley around while I filled it. PaknSave is quite a contrast to our previous joint shopping experiences at Thorpes and the Star on St Helena, and also quite different to their usual Carrefour store in Cairo. She found it interesting to see what was more expensive and what was not more expensive...and apparently our donuts are rubbish!

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