Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet and greets

It was quite a change to have Vijay filling the pulpit today - so good to have like-minded teaching all the way from Fiji! Nick wanted to give as many of our church people as possible the opportunity of meeting him while he's here, so organized a bring and share lunch at the Bothas - Andreas and Danielle graciously opened their home and it quickly filled up with quite an array of families.
Jesse and Sam looking cool as always
Loving that afternoon sun - such mellow light
Sisters Olive and Cynthia doing the rounds
Ha ha ha...typical Grant and Petru. You can almost hear Petru's eyes rolling and the tolerant sigh is just about visible :)
Had to sneak this one in before all hands came in front of faces and hoodies went shy teens and tweens!
"Die Manne" in the kitchen - Nick, Andreas and Matt aka Thys, who speaks perfect Afrikaans, and English with an impeccable kiwi accent. Cynthia and Vijay looking very deep in discussion, but actually Cynthia was warning him that I'm quite naughty with the camera.
I feel the zzzzzs coming on
Hannah Through the Drinking Glass
"Fair in Faucet" - me and Petru!
My hottie husband...poor Nick has come down with a nasty man-cold. No really though, he is quite sick...coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, groans, sighs...
And finally, time for another family pic a-la Tripod and Remote. Thatldo.

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