Sunday, July 10, 2011

Playing hairdresser again

Managed to avoid a big rush and panic this morning and got to church on time for the last Sunday School of the term. I have enjoyed my class and especially with the new arrival mid-term - Aaron has joined our class now too. All three Garnetts attended the morning service; Geoff and Maddy were told they would be novelty items. Pam has been looking forward to hearing Nick preach again and was at the afternoon service too. Nick and I were on worship in the afternoon, and if Pam had brought a guitar it would have been quite like the old times on St Helena! Had nachos for lunch, then Pam and Geoff took themselves off to the wetlands for a gusty walkabout while Maddy stayed here with the rest of us, taking the opportunity to nab her erstwhile hairdresser for a cut :)

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