Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Several threads

House all ready (mostly)...and so we wait for the Garnetts' arrival tomorrow! Pam has been texting since 1 am this morning with progress reports:
00h49 "At the airport waiting to hand over our luggage";
09h38 "Made it to Dubai. Leave here in 7 hours";
13h51 "5 am at burger king getting breakfast";
14h53 "Watching the fish in the pond. Still 2 hours to take off";
15h51 "7.50 am going to board now see you tomorrow!"
Yay!! They are going to be super-tired when they arrive.

When the boys and I arrived home this afternoon there were some mysterious packages labelled "Caleb" and "Aaron" outside the back door. I'm all for the arrival of mysterious packages. We took them in and inspected the contents, to find a set each of brand new clothing for the boys - and I mean full sets of clothing: underwear, jeans, shoes, jackets, jeans, shirts...we are enormously blessed by our anonymous friend and also somewhat humbled...the boys have been wearing their worst pairs of holey jeans to church lately, despite having a few better ones to choose from. But we are all very pleased and thankful!

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