Monday, July 25, 2011

A fish called Marilyn

The Garnett's last day in NZ before flying out tomorrow...I left for work in the studio before Pam and Geoff were back from their Oamaru expeditions. I have to tell you what Rachel and I did today because it was so completely out of the ordinary...we bought a fish!! I don't mean a paisley paper fish to stick up on the wall, or a cute fluffy felt fish with bling eyes...I mean a real, swimming, bulgy-eyed little darling with creamy skin and floaty fins. We've named her Marilyn. When I came home and said to Nick "guess what we did today", choosing a studio pet was not at the top of his list!

Back home, there was a flurry of packing and tension as suitcases were found to be too small and hire car dates were incorrect, and airports and roads were closed due to snow and icy conditions. But it all came together and by tea time everything was packed and sorted. We had pizzas and chips for our final meal together - it was all so exciting that I forgot to make a salad which Pam and I had been looking forward to!

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