Saturday, July 09, 2011

What we did next

Woke up to some interesting skies, wind, sun, and a little bit of rain falling from the sky but not quite making it to the ground. Pam and I braved it outdoors (me in my pyjamas still) to see what the lens would see. After some dilly-dallying (mostly on my part, really, while the Garnetts waited patiently in front of their laptops), and after Aaron's ukulele lesson (in which he is progressing really well, his teacher tells us with a huge grin and great pleasure), we browsed a few garage sales, just for the sake of showing the Garnetts how consumer recycling is done. That is to say, you keep replacing your stuff with new stuff from the perpetual sales in the shops, and try fob off your old stuff on people wanting to fill their houses with more stuff. Didn't find anything worth buying, and gave up after two sales to head over to Caroline Bay instead. The sun had been out and we thought it would be a lovely morning for exploring the boardwalk but by 11 am it was cold and windy - meandered through some other bits of the bay instead. Home for lunch, went out again in the afternoon to the Info Centre and the Warehouse. Bought a DVD, watched it together in the warm lounge later. Above and below - before and after of Maddy testing the water!Tea was at Leon and Magda Swanepoel and was much appreciated by all - so great to get invited out as we are now a family of 7! Maddy and Lisa hit it off while Pam nearly dozed at the table, poor woman - still a bit jetlagged.

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Genevieve said...

What amazing morning light!
Hope Pam catches up on her sleep soon!