Saturday, July 30, 2011

Monopolizing Vijay!

We have spent a large part of the week, apart from me working, getting the house back into pre-Garnett condition...the boys are back in their rooms with all their clothes back in their wardrobes (freshly sorted and all the drawers labelled); toys resorted and organized and stowed...a lot of them NOT in their room now to avoid unnecessary clutter and disorganization. We have been blessed with incredible weather this week - temperatures in the mid to late teens...our first winter in Timaru was definitely nothing like this one! Consequently I got through about six loads of washing in two or three days :) Vijay has been with us since Wednesday morning and we are enjoying his company, although it has been good for him to have teas and things with others in our congregation so we can all get to know him and better understand and support the ministry in Ba, Fiji.
While on a shopping errand at the Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain), we found a monopoly set for a hugely discounted $15...a must have! Nick and I both played monopoly when we were kids; this game just keeps doing the rounds. The boys were thrilled when we brought it home and wanted to play straight away but they were off to spend the afternoon with Josh so had to wait. The played it the next day, and on Friday night we did a family game while Vijay was out at Les and Marg. We thought we'd play maybe an hour and a half and see who had the most money, but we were all so into it that we played until all but Nick were bankrupt at 9.20 pm!


Genevieve said...
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Genevieve said...

Reposted after checking my spelling!
We played Monopoly for the first, and probably last, time earlier this year. Kyle just played, no complaints. Samuel is competitive and played to win. Ema just wanted everyone to be happy and played quietly; I think she traded properties with her brothers to keep them happy. I had angst over why we were playing a game where the object is to get ahead and bankrupt others. And Ben can stand when anyone loses and decided he wanted to give his money away to the poorest person and just drop out. All the while Kyle kept saying "its JUST a game! it's JUST a game!"
Maybe we should stick to Scrabble. ;-)