Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dashing rocks and loaded shops

With Nick and Maddy away, it was left to Pam and Geoff, Caleb and Aaron and me to amuse ourselves. Pam and I took ourselves shopping again, just to be sure that Pam had bought absolutely everything appropriate that was on sale - got home in time for lunch, then headed off on a dashing rocks expedition. We took the usual route there through the paddocks,
and to the beach itself. It was a gorgeous day with clear blue skies and just enough of a nip to make you want your gloves and a hat.
Pam and Geoff found the gap in cliffs where the sea whooshes through and makes tide pools...some of it whooshed up over the edge and we got a bit of a sprinkling.
Caleb found his own miniature Moeraki Boulder
And then since we were already half way there, we took a walk to PaknSave so Pam and Geoff could buy goodies (treats, sweets, lollies, it what you will). See the yellow PaknSave building in the distance, just off centre? That was our destination, along a few roads, over a useless fence and the railway lines, across a field where a rugby practice was in session, via Briscoes, and over State Highway 1.
"Don't look here Mom"...
Ooph, so many choices. Hmm, what to buy?
Finally, back home up a very short though steep incline; the rest of the way was easy after conquering this bit!
Geoff with the shopping in Pam's new $1 orange bag from Briscoes...I half expected to see ice-cream dripping out a corner :)

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Genevieve said...

I love seeing the that a Cadbury isle?