Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Pam came to visit in Winter" celebrations :)

Pam and I left home at 9.30 am for a girly shopping outing, not realizing that most shops don't open until 10! Found a couple of places that had opened their doors though so meandered about until the real stuff was available. Shopped for about four hours with a coffee break in between, in which I discovered pomegranate chai latte. Nick and the rest had been at home for the morning, so we met up at Caroline Bay for an afternoon boardwalk excursion - the day was absolutely glorious and even warm. We're all still waiting for winter to really set in, already being halfway through now. Had an excellent meander along the beach and all the way around to the wharf.

Pam and I called in at PaknSave for chicken and ingredients; finally home after a busy day...and THEN we cooked! We cooked and cooked. Started cooking at 4.40, had tea ready two hours later. I commented that it took two hours for a two-women job to get the whole thing done...Pam quickly returned that it would have taken three men four hours :) We found broccoflower at the shops - no jokes! A lime green vegetable that looks like cauliflower but tastes like a sweetened mix of the two. They could have called it caulicolli but I guess that name was less appealing. Tea was: roast chicken, stuffing on the side (sausage meat, onion and breadcrumbs baked in a dish), roast yams, parsnips, onion, peppers and carrots, roast potatoes and gravy. Yum! Pudding was a cheesecake which Pam and Maddy had put together, with a little help from Aaron. And then it was present time - Pam had shopped in Egypt for us all and we were spoiled with a varied assortment of wares. The rest of the gifts were largely from the $2 shop - an economical way of present exchanging.

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Hazel Beckett said...

The photo of the leaf on the sand grabs me.