Monday, July 11, 2011

Back on the school team

While the Garnetts made their way to Middle Earth this morning, it was back to the regular work/school week for the rest of us. Isaac came into school fondling an egg, which he informed me was for breakfast - fortunately it was hard boiled because he was tossing it about quite carelessly, before biting into it shell and all! Oi.And now onto an entirely different branch of story takes quite an unexpected turn. You just never know what's going to happen next, I always say. I had a phonecall from the principal of the boys' school on Friday while we were out in town. Called in to the principal's office...yikes. Went in at 2 pm for a meeting and to my surprise was offered a position in the school! Magda, the very capable secretary and one of our church ladies, is leaving to join Leon in Christchurch, leaving a big hole in the school staff. And they want me to replace her! Of course I already have two jobs so this would be tricky, but school secretary is a coveted position which I would happily take up. An answer was needed today - no pressure. Some quick prayer and discussion with Nick, several texts and phonecalls, a visit to Chrissy, and things are arranged. I have sadly given up my teacher aiding position, finishing at the end of this week, and have renegotiated my studio hours with Rachel who has been amazingly accommodating - the secretarial position is 25 hours a week, leaving some hours available still for the studio. Sooooo...starting in the new term, 1 August, I will be taking over in the school office!!

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