Saturday, July 02, 2011

Brrr, sunshine

Soooooooo much blue sky today!! We had Micah with us again today for a large part - he has been very easy company, happy to sit on the couch with a glass of water and his laptop. He ended up being called on to do an extra adult bible class as the scheduled speaker had to pull out at the last minute, so did some prep during the morning, once we'd finished using him to help shift bunk beds :) Chaos happened all around as the boys' room got emptied and cleaned, which took longer than anticipated as there was way more junk in there than expected. Matt, in his Landlordliness, and the boys swung by during the morning as well for some plumbing work which couldn't get finished due to time constraints. After lunch Nick pried me away from the vacuum cleaner for a Caroline Bay outing...wanting to show our guest a bit of our town. The sunny appearance of the outdoors was deceptive as a southerly had sprung up and it didn't get above 10 degrees, but it was still an excellent outing. The boys co-operated just long enough for a photo or two despite sun being in their eyes and Caleb's coughing. After a walk along the boardwalk, we hopped over to Burger King for an ice-cream...poor Nick got tasked with a whole bunch of to-dos after he had dropped Micah back off with Andreas and Danielle, including scrubbing potatoes for tomorrow's pot luck lunch!

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