Friday, July 15, 2011

A bit of this and that

The Garnetts had a late morning departure for a Tekapo outing; I baked but flopped a batch of Aunty's Lacy Cookies last night so had to make a carrot cake to replace it for a Parents' Tea. Nick and I went out for lunch, then attended the tea at the school, where we listened to some very compelling arguments about abolishing factory farming and why there should be Maths homework. Youth group in the evening and my first public violin appearance - Nick coerced me into playing a new song so the melody would be distinct. My goal really is to be able to play well enough to be decent church accompaniment by May next year - one year of playing - but Nick thought the screeching had sufficiently diminished for me to play at youth. And no one ran out the building or blocked their ears!

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