Saturday, March 26, 2011

To the Lake

We were truly blessed with some amazing weather for the day; we had planned to go to Lake Tekapo come rain or shine, but the shine was definitely preferable! It was mild, sunny and calm, the perfect day to be skimming stones across Tekapo's turquoise waters and dabbling at the lake's edge. Lunch was done picnic-style with a self-help array of buns and fillings. We drove up to the Observatory as well which was far more pleasant than our first excursion last year on that very windy day! From up there you really get a better idea of the colour of the lake which is quite remarkable. Home again late afternoon and ready to tuck into the chicken casserole which had been slow-cooking through the day. Had fun doing a few informal photos in the evening although I think I was laughing the hardest as Brendon tried to look serious :)

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