Thursday, March 24, 2011


The Year 5s, along with several other classes, had a sports event happening today in lieu of school. While Aaron was slogging away with Mr Phillips, Caleb was at Morrison Park (which we didn't know existed until today) playing T-Ball for most of the day. I've never seen this game played but it's quite clever - much like baseball but instead of being pitched a ball, it's already waiting upon a stick in the ground to be whacked. Fielders field while batters run the diamond. TCS won all but one of their games against the various other local schools; Nick and I watched for the last 20 minutes before collecting Caleb and it was great to see him in action, really giving his all on the field. He's not mastered the game but his enthusiasm and effort did us proud.


Genevieve said...

T ball is often how Americans start kids out with baseball, like a precursor to baseball. Its easier to hit a stationary ball for one. And also then an adult doesn't have to pitch.

Helen Williams said...

T ball is a great sport.
Both Darian and Savannah played Tball for many years.

LNFAW said...