Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Melodious odours

Yesterday the hospital phoned to say that they had had a cancellation and could fit me in for the nose job today...yay!! I rearranged my working hours so that I could write the whole day off for the anticipated waiting and recovery. Nick dropped me at the hospital shortly before 7.30 just after sunrise, then had to go back home to sort the boys out and get them to school. I had a book with me and sat in the waiting room for nearly two hours before a nurse called me to tag me and complete some forms. Then we were off to waiting room #2 which boasted lazy-boy chairs - very comfy! After nearly two more hours of waiting, a very apologetic nurse came to say that my procedure had been cancelled as the op before mine was taking longer than expected and they couldn't squeeze me in. I was disappointed of course but slightly relieved too - what would have happened with the mandatory cold-induced nose-blowing? Caleb had been participating in the Rural Sports Swimming Competition today, so we popped in at the pool on the way home. Caleb had already swum his one race and although he didn't place anywhere, his swimming teacher (who happens to be Rachel Cameron) said that he swam a good race and is making progress. So well done Caleb! Back home I crashed for a while (reading and lazing about all morning is totally draining and tiring) and then had a heap of beautiful fruit to preserve. I peeled and cooked blackboy peaches and a huge potful of apples. The smell of the peaches on the stove took me back to my girlhood when my brothers and I had to pick, wash, peel, pip and prepare peaches from our backyard trees for preserving. I had the odious job of gathering the scrapings into bags which always meant getting the peach juice dripping off the table on my legs and feet, and it always meant trying to dodge the worms creeping in and out of bad peaches. My mom would be stuck in the kitchen over big pots and bags of sugar and warm bottles while my dad was the general all-round worker and manager. That was the downside but it became a family tradition which I look back on with much fondness. The smell also reminded me of meringues and Christmas mince pies and love and holidays and summer as it was always in December that the big preserving event happened.

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Genevieve said...

So do you can the apples with the skins on? Or do you grind them into applesauce after cooking?