Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jesus the Sinner's Friend

It's been one of these days today:Yup, rainy and grey and indoors, with a fire going after lunch. Seemed like a good time for Nick to finish recording a recent song, "Jesus the Sinner's Friend", using Charles Wesley's lyrics. He had already laid down the vocal and most of the music tracks, but just wanted the mandolin. This was a first for me - I thought I would simply be able to strum along but actually it took at least 15 attempts in bits and pieces before Nick was happy - each chord and note has to be spot on regarding timing and emphasis - it took a lot of concentration! Was fun though and a great experience...and I'm honoured to have been invited as a guest musician ;) You can click on the link above to hear it on YouTube!
Jesus, the sinner's Friend, to Thee,
Lost and undone, for aid I flee,
Weary of earth, myself, and sin:
Open Thine arms, and take me in.

Pity and heal my sin sick soul;
'Tis Thou alone canst make me whole;
Dark, till in me Thine image shine,
And lost, I am, till Thou art mine.

At last I own it cannot be
That I should fit myself for Thee:
Here, then, to Thee I all resign;
Thine is the work, and only Thine.

What shall I say Thy grace to move?
Lord, I am sin, but Thou art love;
I give up every plea beside -
Lord, I am lost, but Thou hast died.

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