Thursday, March 31, 2011

Magnum P.I. (that's Problematic Icecream)

Let's see...yesterday I did a bit of catching up at work, with an extra two hours to fit in after Tuesday's fiasco. I'm doing some graphic design stuff at the mo which is super great. And really, this playing about earns me some $$$s too! Nick and I both skipped bible study to avoid spreading our germs but on the whole we're much improved. Today's work was much the same, continuing with what I started yesterday. Grocery shopping in the afternoon and it was a $5 week at PaknSave which means you get 2for$5, or 1for$5, or 5for$5 etc depending on the product. I bought Magnums on special - it's been ages and the trolley seemed to be filling with luxuries anyway. Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Aaron's ended up on the ground but he retrieved what he could and ate it off a plate. Nick also managed to make a mess of his but I'll leave those very undignified photos off the blog and for private viewing only...

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Helen Williams said...

Oh dear me.
How sad.