Friday, March 25, 2011


At last...25th March today which meant "Bucklands to Timaru" on the calendar was happening! The boys have been counting down for ages and couldn't wait - we were very much looking forward to their visit. Spent the morning cleaning the house and getting things sorted (I discovered that you can't spring clean an entire house in one morning but I sure tried hard); went to work slightly puffed and dishevelled. Brendon and Belinda and their girls Rachel, Ruth and Hannah arrived mid-afternoon and then the weekend was full-on!! After picking the boys up from school we headed over to Caroline Bay for a walk around the general area and a visit to the beach. Tea was fridaynightpizza with added chips - Nick and Brendon admitted that they were wrong and "the wife" was right when they had to brave their way through three HUGE scoops of chips instead of the two we had suggested - will they ever live this down? We let the three older kids stay up a little later while the two youngest bedded down in the boys room. Caleb and Aaron were sooo excited about tenting for the whole weekend!

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