Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow your nose

I had an appointment at the hospital this morning to see about the growthonmynose - I've been on the waiting list for three and a half months following a GP consult last year. For this event I rearranged my working hours, got myself all nervous and psyched for surgery, and pretty much wrote off the whole day in honour of the anticipated recovery. It turned into a major non-event though in a dramatically anti-climactic way as the consult was five minutes long! The doctor glanced at the growthonmynose and said quite casually that it would have to be done in theatre, so more waiting. Apparently it's not just a simple cut-and-heal job because of the location, and will need a skin flap or even a graft which would involve cutting a chunk of skin from elsewhere on me and pasting it in the hole. And then I'll be left with a deformed nose crease and lumpy blobule which is all in all rather disappointing and somewhat depressing. I'm tempted to say 'if only'...if only the doctors on St Helena had dealt with it a year and a half ago when it started as a tiny blistery thing, then I would have been able to avoid major scars now. But I know that the Lord's timing is impeccable and I don't believe in 'if only's'! Nick had kindly come with me for some hand-holding, so finding ourselves with no bandages or blood we went out for lunch. I made lasagne for tea (there were more greens than anything else in it - yay for good disguises for silver beet!) and pear tart for pudding, after which the sky had been clothed in a most photogenic way - time for a Dashing Rocks excursion again.

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Jacqui said...

Wow Lynn, those colours are AMAZING!!! I love these pictures!!!
I'll be praying for the grothonyournose op ;)I know it'll all turn out fine :)