Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday's doings

After yesterday's heavy rains we were surprised to see an incredibly clear sky this morning, but it was cooooold. Nick had the fire going again until the sun regained its strength and warmed the house. The boys were off to school as usual but the Bucklands were still with us for the morning so we went out to town and thereabouts - these farm people don't have decent shops so conveniently located! I slipped off to work at the appropriate time, and when Nick picked me up later the Bs had pretty much packed up and were just about ready to leave. It's not too bad saying goodbye when there is a promise of 'next time' just around the corner! I've caught a mild cold so instead of cooking we went out for Dominos pizza which we ordered online and collected about 10 minutes later. Took it to Caroline Bay and let the boys play in the park for a short while.

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That Pizza looks soooo Yummy! Hope you feel better soon and that the cold doesn't develop into anything nasty :(