Sunday, March 27, 2011

Food for body and soul

The Bucklands boosted our numbers at church and Sunday School this morning; after the morning service we did a soup-and-rolls lunch at our house, having also invited the Phillipses. Although there were some heavy clouds forming, the kids were all outside during lunch and the rest of the afternoon which was an excellent thing as our house would not easily accommodate 15 people! Hannah was fascinated by the cat flap on our back door: The clouds opened up during the afternoon service in which Brendon was our guest preacher, and so we had to concentrate extra hard during the heavy downpour to get his excellent message. With the rain came some pretty cold weather too but this didn't hinder a trip to Burger King for tea (thanks Bucklands for treating us - Hawaiian burgers ARE amazing!). Nick had lit a fire before the pm service so we all gathered in the lounge for music, reading and chatting. Belinda was able to give me some very helpful pointers and tips on the violin, and Rachel and I tried our hand on a Silent Night duet - most of the time I was pulling faces to accompany the awful screeching or whistling emitting from my bow! It was really special to spend so much time just chatting though especially after the kids had gone to bed - Belinda and I both have our struggles as moms and it was good to encourage one another.

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