Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Viva (or vuvu) la Soccer!

It's not that I was up earlier than usual this morning; my alarm was set only ten minutes earlier. But I'm not normally dressed and out the door by 6.15 for breakfast and soccer spectating, which is what happened this morning at the Kempf's house. We got together with Rene, Bronwyn and the fam for the NZ/Slovakia match which was played at some unearthly middle-0f-the-night hour, our time. Rene kindly recorded it to save us the agony of a broken night's sleep, so we gathered early to watch before their three had to get to school. Public opinion says the match was boring, but that last goal scored by Winston Reid in the last minute bringing the match to a draw made it totally worthwhile for me. We thought Slovakia had it in the bag but NZ snatched it away (um...fellow South Africans, we feel the liberty of rooting for our country of residence, but loyalties might be divided if SA plays NZ!). We had breakfast of cereal, yoghurt and fruit during half time, and after the match headed directly home to continue the day. The boys needed several reminders that school requires diligence and brain function and not so much audio function, but we had a good time together. This term has been really long but after pushing through the "I'mexhaustedwhenisitholidaytime" phase we have knitted together quite satisfactorily. The rest of the day was the fairly run of the mill at home stuff.

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