Friday, June 11, 2010


(I've heard of wanting one's name in lights...Caleb is satisfied with pretzels and raisins). Another beautiful day today, but without the frost this morning so the temperatures were higher. The kitchen guy came back today to finish off the back of two cupboards which created an extra cupboard on the diningroom side. The boys and I did a science experiment involving eggs, salt, water density and buoyancy, and Aaron discovered what happens to eggs when they fall on the floor. Fortunately I could salvage the yolk which I used later. I took myself on a solo photowalk in the afternoon but did not get any particularly good shots, having had something rather specific in mind which I could not get largely because there was a car parked in the way and its occupants took ages to leave. At 4 pm Nick had the first of his two guitar pupils and I started cooking. We had the Kempf family over for tea which was a fruity and colourful affair: Bobotie with yellow raisin rice, beetroot and peas, and blackboy peaches, apricots and orange ice-cream with passion fruit curd for dessert...followed by Dutch Blitz in the lounge which was great for getting the blood pumping and the competition going. We just couldn't seem to end it..."just one more" until it was 10.30 and they really had to leave to go home. Nick grabbed a few hours' sleep on the couch and then left at 1.45 am to join Rene, Jesse and Sam to watch the opening match of the World Cup. He said it was a good game despite being a draw.

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Genevieve said...

Wait...did Nick mean the England vs. U.S.A. game? I couldn't stop being upset for the British goalie! The kept replaying the goal from various angles and I couldn't stop thinking how terrible it must have been for him to have missed it because it was such a lame shot, really.

Ben has become quite the soccer (football) fan and has been updating the rest of us on the all scores. He also plays all morning on Saturdays now.