Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Hills call in

Slept late this morning - I'm not feeling so bad about getting up after 8 on a Saturday as it's only just getting light then! Yesterday afternoon I answered the telephone and the caller identified herself as Annette...the voice was familiar but out of place until I tied it to my brother's mother-in-law who lives in SA...Annette and her husband Graham are in NZ on a holiday with a view to relocating next year. I had no idea they were here so it was a marvellous surprise. They had been staying with friends here in Timaru and wanted to call on this morning to visit, which they did. We had a wonderful time together, catching up on family news and general NZ/SA stuff - unfortunately they couldn't stay long as Graham was wanting to find some snow, so they were headed to Lake Tekapo for the day. I commented to Nick afterward that on St Helena we never had friends and relations from overseas just pop in for a cup of tea! In the afternoon I was back in my painting rags, getting the odd kitchen doors painted to match the rest of the cream cupboard doors as per Rachel's instruction (Rachel says to inform blog readers that she is not an ogre and does not have a whip to crack). Nick took off the folding pantry doors which made the job way easier, but it took ages and much frustration to get them back on afterwards, and several greasy fingerprints which had to be painted over! So, we're another step closer to finishing the renovations...the kitchen floor still needs sanding and varnishing, and we need to do something with the strip of missing tiling.

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