Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A season for everything

Today I have been tired – just lacking energy generally and feeling vaguely depressed. It could be that after so many months, things are finally settling down...the kitchen is unpacked and organized and I am running out of legitimate house projects. Now there is the feeling of ‘what now’? What do I focus my energies on during the afternoons so that I don’t fritter my life away? Perhaps it is enough for now that I am faithful in the small things, and fulfill my roles of wife and mother I made a batch of brownies – perhaps tomorrow I’ll do date squares! I also did a pot of pea and ham soup in the slow cooker. It starts with carrots, onions, split dried peas, cubed ham, chicken stock and water, and at the end all gets blended into a smooth greenish sludge. Very tasty with a superb thick texture. Must be healthy because none of the vitamins get thrown away. I loved being in the kitchen today and doing prep – there is heaps of space where before I was juggling pots and pans and storing dirty dishes on the windowsill.

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