Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's text

Yesterday and today’s school were pretty good...the boys are working more quickly and independently, so I can get a lot of other stuff done while they are working, like hanging up washing, cleaning the kitchen, and so on. Joan and I had our last weekly Monday meeting in which we have been working through John Newton’s book on Communion with God. We were specifically reading through the section on communion with the Holy Spirit which has been excellent and very informative and helpful. Perhaps in the future we can take it up again in a different section of the book - it's been great to get together with this very godly lady and get her input and teaching! Today I had a pot of beef and vegetable soup going in the slow cooker. In a separate pot I cooked potatoes and a yellow vegetable (pumpkin, I think) which I blended and added to the mix. The potato tends to make the soup sticky though so I won’t do that again. At 2.30 we had a visit with Les and Marg, mostly to say goodbye and pray with them before they fly out to the UK on Thursday for an 8-week holiday with their children – their son Mark was a pastor on St Helena long before Nick. The boys took their skateboards along and while there Caleb bumped his wounded finger and drew blood, and then Aaron came in with bleeding fingers a little later, also with a skateboarding accident. These poor boys. I just get all weak-kneed. At 5 pm Nick had a guitar lesson. Waldo, his pupil, and his dad Wikus attend our services. Since there was plenty of soup, we invited them to stay for tea and they were happy to accept. I made a foccacia bread to go with it, and toasted several crusts of bread as well - now five men around the table instead of the usual three! It was good to just chat over tea as we got to know them both a bit better. They left shortly before 7; the boys went to bed and then I made a batch of fridge cookies. Sunday was good as well. After the morning service, with nothing planned for the day, we went home to left-overs for lunch. We were just busy with pudding when the Camerons arrived, wanting to see the paint jobs I did on Saturday and also with an invite for tea after the afternoon service. They stayed for a cup of tea and then left; we spent the rest of the afternoon at home and then it was church again. Both services were excellent. Afterwards we went to the Camerons for a roast chicken, roast potatoes and butternut, beans and gravy. Matt made a microwave apple scone sort of thing for pudding, with ice-cream. Good visit which ended suitably early considering four boys had to attend school in the morning.

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Genevieve said...

I think you must accept that there will be many bruises, bleeding fingers and perhaps at some point a broken limb.
The doctor reminded me with Sam's second broken arm that it is very RARE actually for children to go through life without said injuries and I should not worry as stitches, broken arms and the like are quite normal. That made me feel a ton better!