Sunday, June 06, 2010

In which I tell of the weekend

Yesterday, being Saturday, we had plans to plan all kinds of stuff, like watching sports matches and socializing and Getting Stuff Done. But by 9.30 when we were all still in our pyjamas and had not been able to hook up with anyone, we could see that some of those plans were not going to come to fruition. Instead, we spent the day at home working on the Stuff plan. Lots got done so in all it was a rewarding day.
Today we had our monthly church lunch which is always a good affair. A few of our families are away for the Queen's Birthday weekend, and a couple of people are ill so we were expecting a small congregation, therefore all the more pleased and surprised by the influx of visitors. We had to put out more chairs at the back, praise the Lord! The Phillipsies joined us for a cup of tea later in the afternoon (yay, had been trying to connect with them for ages) and then it was afternoon church time again. The early service (4.30 pm) is a great invention for not getting home late on a winter's eve!(Sorry girls about the unflattering photo...I did warn them that I was taking a photo and gave them a three-count, but pictured here we have Shut-Eye, Nibbly, Smiley and Munchie).

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