Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunrise at midday

Nick wanted to take the boys to the skate park this morning - he had a break in his work and thought it best to get this in early before the hordes arrived. We rushed through our schoolwork and got most of it done by 10, so after a quick snack we set off. The clouds were hanging over the sky like an unmade bed, letting light in at the edges and through gaps in the otherwise heavy blanket...perfect conditions for photography. Nick was happy to stay with the boys while I wandered to the beach with my camera. It was really cold but what a pleasure to use the light. We were home for lunch, finished off school, and then spent the afternoon gathered in the diningroom where the potbelly kept us cosy. The boys and Nick read; I sewed. In the late afternoon we had a gathering of children as Hilary came for a guitar lesson and Caleb and Josh stayed here while Matt and Rachel went to a meeting. Nick taught the kids how to play Uno with a whole new set of hilarious and odd rules, a-la-Pretoria-young-adults. Ignoring the huge space on top of the diningroom table, they chose to play the game UNDER the table, on the carpet - very uncomfortably, but I guess it had a tent-like feel to it. I made two huge pizzas for tea and the Camerons stayed on for the evening.

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Genevieve said...

Gorgeous photographs! I love that first one especially!

I am not adept at the camera but I do so appreciate wonderful light and know to notify my photographic family members of good opportunities when I see them:-)