Thursday, June 24, 2010

House unusable again

...which involved big power tools, plenty of dust and heaps of noise. We had the sanders in the kitchen in the morning, who did in two or three hours what we could never have achieved in two or three days. The wooden floor felt like glass when they were done and was unmarked and beautiful. We were scared to walk on it in case we made an impression! Rachel came after lunch to start the next phase of the kitchen, applying polyurethane to the floor. We had to vacate the living side of the house and wait in the diningroom until she and Nick had finished the first coat, after which Rachel left and the boys and I went out to do the grocery shopping. Nick suffered through the fumes and stayed home to continue his prep. We had tea with the Camerons and then spent the night there, which was fortuitous timing as we could get up at 2 am for the soccer! (We don't have a telly, by choice, so have had to watch any Fifa games elsewhere). Like the rest of NZ, we were ambivalent over the result of the match...proud that the All Whites are undefeated, but disappointed that they are out of the cup.

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