Thursday, June 17, 2010

School, school and school regular bible-in-schools lesson which was a hands-on bible lesson, about the bible. I had brought in about 8 bibles from home, and I divided them into groups so there were about three to a bible. I showed them the contents page and how to navigate around a bible, and pointed out that the bible is like a library containing history books, letters, laws, poems, etc. It was a helpful lesson, I thought, and the kids got a real kick out of paging through the bibles. Back home to continue with the boys' school, and at 1 pm we all went to the Timaru Christian School for Nick to do a talk during their assembly. Nick is becoming a well-known feature there now, having done three or four assemblies. He taught them a new song and did a short talk on William Carey, along the theme "Rags to Riches". It seems there will be oppportunities for Nick and I both to get involved with volunteer work with the school - Nick with guitar and me with photography. Not sure exactly what the outcome will be, but looking forward to being useful however I can.


Genevieve said...

What a tremendous opportunity you are having with Bible in schools! To me, that taking place in a public school is just amazing. Praise God!

Hazel Beckett said...

AMEN, to Genevieve's comment!!