Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cold, colds

Following the afternoon service on Sunday, we had the Kempfs (junior) around to a snack-style tea. Bronwyn brought a huge pot of potato and leek soup, and I made potato wedges with peanut butter sauce and vegetables with dip. We sat around the diningroom table for ages, laughing and being silly over the meal. Then Nick and Rene needed to practice a song; the boys all played hide and seek around the house (hats off to Jesse for arranging himself rather tightly behind a sleeper couch - he nearly got stuck but it took a long time for him to be found!), and us girls were left to chat and look at photos in my room.On Monday we were all down with colds. Pretty yuck to be sick in winter when it's already cold and grisly outside...feeling grotty on top of that does not make for a happy me. Managed to get through the day but cancelled school. The boys spent most of the day reading books, one after another. I am so pleased that they both love to read! Rene came by in the morning to practice with Nick again, which they 'performed' for an elderly outreach meeting at a local Baptist church today. We were back at school this morning but with a late start and radically diminished schedule. Hopefully tomorrow we will be going all out again. I've had a meal on the go in the slow-cooker today...apricot chicken.

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