Saturday, June 19, 2010

More home stuff

The much anticipated Saturday-morning-sleep-in...I've always been an early bird, rising with the sun. I guess it's no different then if I'm getting up at 8 am with the dawn! Admittedly, this morning we simply lazed around in a very slothful fashion and were finally ready to take on the day at around 10 am!!! We had nothing particular planned for the morning so it was just very chilled and homeish. After lunch the Camerons came to sand the kitchen floor and fix doors - after the carpets were put in we discovered that cupboard and entrance doors no longer swung freely, what with the thick underlays. It has been severely annoying to heave a door open and closed...small things can make such a big difference! About half an hour into the sanding we realized that it was going to take a lot more effort and time than the four of us adults could give it, so we phoned a sander and left it there. The sanding-dudes will come on Thursday morning to give it a proper go-over, and then we can polyurethane the whole thing. Meanwhile, we moved the fridge out into the laundry. One step forward, one step back...

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