Friday, June 04, 2010

Skate on, dude

Nick has been wanting to take the boys to the skate park for a few days now, and this afternoon there was a gap between his prep and a meeting. We tried to pick a time when there would be no other kids there so the boys don't embarrass themselves and thought that after lunch would be great - were very surprised at how many boys were already there though! Justifiably, there was a small school contingent with a teacher who had earned a reward (I learned this because the teacher questioned me when she saw the camera come out). We sat watching for a while, and then when the numbers had dwindled and the park was empty, the boys pulled out their skateboards and had a go. They had heaps of fun going up and down ramps and things. I expressed surprise that Caleb knows a few moves, but he was like "I can actually do it, Mom". Like hey, whatever dude. Several of the action photos I took had to be censorally deleted...these boys really should consider that belts are a practical fashion accessory, or at least wear pants that do not fall down over their boxer shorts. But like hey, whatever dude. Tea was our Fridaynightpizza...I love how the sun comes in the east-facing kitchen window in the mornings, then makes its way through the northern sliding front door in the late afternoon. The house has been cleverly built to make as much use of the sun as possible.

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