Saturday, November 03, 2012

Three's company enough

We have had the most marvellous weather the last few days - warm nor'westers, heaps of sunshine - bare legs and short sleeves are making a come-back.  Except for today, in which it rained and was cold...back to thermals and socks.  Definitely a day for soup and a crowd of people...several texts later we had a sum total of three friends willing to spend the evening with us!  Very glad for their happy company though; Liz and Justus had a go on Nick's piano accordian, and then since we were such a small group, we squeezed into our 7-seater car and drove to Liz's shop for some table tennis.  Magnums on the way back here, cups of tea made...Graham returned from an unsuccessful hunting trip at this point and so we got to enjoy his company for a brief while too.  Plenty of left-over chicken and vegetable and delicious tomato soup left in the fridge!
Serious DONKEY competitions going on around here, to the BeeGees blaring on vinyl - Nick prepares...he serves...and he's off!

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Cameron Foster said...

What an amazing night! gotta do it more oftern!