Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Tonight was a double-final - Aaron's recorder concert and Caleb's last basketball game. Caleb didn't seem to be playing with much enthusiasm, running about halfheartedly where he would usually be far more aggressive.  The reason became apparent as soon as his game had ended, when he told me that he didn't feel well and shortly thereafter went to the cloakroom to spew!  Poor guy.  He was violently ill several more times after that with a nasty stomach bug.  Nick and I left him at home on his bed with a bucket (feeling very unsympathetic, but he assured us he would be okay) to take a very nervous Aaron to his concert.  He knows the pieces well but I think the arrangements may have seemed a bit complicated - playing with a whole group suddenly along with the ukuleles, and who was singing where and what verses and WHO was a first recorder and who wasn't probably didn't help his state of mind.  But he did fabulously and I didn't hear any mistakes from him.  Well done brave recorder player!  We got a few short video clips for posterity.  Next year he will be starting with the oboe which will be quite exciting (I think so, anyway - he's a little dubious.)

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