Sunday, November 11, 2012

Relaxed Ladies (Part III)

Sunday morning...we were supposed to watch a Ryan Fullerton DVD yesterday on "The Godly Wife", but one of the camp organisers, who shall remain nameless but who is the pastor's wife and owner of this blog, forgot to bring the movie. Consequently Andreas had to drive back to Timaru yesterday afternoon to collect it from our house, which meant that our agenda was shuffled around a bit and we watched the DVD this morning. Worked out well though as it was a comparable substitute for Nick's preaching. We were challenged and encouraged in our roles as helpers.
During the morning Tehila blessed me by allowing herself to be in front of the lens for a photo-shoot - specifically needing a good head-shot for her new blog. It was great fun and so easy to photograph her!
Our camp cooks...Lindsay and Andreas braved a group of gals to lift the load of catering, so that we could truly relax and be freed from the often mundane chores we normally bear.  It wasn't all slog and labour for them though :)
 And here is Eliya, who amused and entertained us all.  Pure gorgeousness!
 Finally, pack-up-and-go-home's been a sweet weekend and so good connecting and bonding with these lovely ladies.  Thanks again to Lindsay and Nyree who have been at camp organizing for 35 years, and who officially announced their retirement from camps today...who could resist shedding a tear at that news, particularly since Glenburn Lodge was the first camp Lindsay did all those years ago.  Thanks Liz for the Fun Preparation (and fun preparation), and Andreas for being part of the weekend too.  Until next long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

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