Thursday, November 08, 2012

Following my leader

We finished our second block of six-week classes last week, so tonight was our second social dance. First though, a solo class learning a Charleston-style routine choreographed by Lenard...didn't quite stick after an hour but a lot of fun.
Rene and his band, MLC, were our live entertainment for the dance...great music and atmosphere.
A brief bit of a rest - Nick and I hardly sat down for the evening, preferring to get in some good exercise and practice :)  Learned a few new moves too, along with Liz and Graham. 
We are really enjoying swing as a dance style and marriage-builder; we've learned some interesting lessons about following and leading on the dance floor, and how they relate to marriage.  One person leads, the other follows.  If both try to lead it's confusing and you end up stepping on toes.  And...there's never been any question as to whether it's the male or female who leads - men are always cast as leads!

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