Friday, November 16, 2012

A run through the week

Phew, another crazy-busy week over. It's been long and tiring...doctors appointments, early mornings, marae trip for the boys, basketball, immigration forms, violin, bible study, dancing...not the best week to tackle the redecorating of the diningroom but who needs a clear schedule when there are new curtains to hang? Had to first clean windows and scrub mould off the windowpanes so it turned into a long job, but I have progress on my new-look living area. Photos to follow at some point! Today, Friday, the boys had their rural schools athletics, so I had the empty school almost to myself, except for Mrs T-K and her charge who were there. Good to have some company. I popped in at the athletics after I finished my morning's work and caught the boys doing their last events. Not my greatest photographic moment - I rushed out this morning with not the best lens for the job on the camera.
Above and below - Caleb's high- and long-jump;
Above - Aaron lying on the grass waiting to move to the next event, which was below - high jump.

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