Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Family+Friend Fun

Our Friday Family Fun evenings have changed face now as summer approaches - the appeal of cocooning ourselves in the lounge with a pizza and DVD, curtains drawn and a fire blazing, is entirely lost with the onset of summer and the already long days (we presently have just over 14 hours of daylight).  The pizza idea is still a good one though, but we need an alternative activity.  Good thing Liz was at a loose end with Graham away for most of the weekend, so she popped in after tea for a game of Ticket to Ride.
...And, this week we have been busy with an earnest effort on our work and study permit reapplications. It's a monstrous task, with wads of forms to be completed and all manner of information to gather. Caleb and I went for our chest x-rays today; Nick is going for his on Monday (Aaron doesn't need one, being under the age-limit). We've long since applied for police clearance certificates; next thing is our medical examinations which start on Thursday coming. We are hoping to have the applications in by the end of this month, giving Immigration two and a half months to process them. Hopefully that will be long enough and we don't get deported with expired permits!!

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