Sunday, November 18, 2012

Behold our God

It's been quite a musical weekend - starting with an absolutely superb evening at the de Beers' lovely home on Friday, along with a group of keen singers, musicians and pizza-eaters. I poached this photo off Lizzie's FB timeline as my hands were full of either pizza, violin or mandolin. I have resurrected the mandolin after many months of not playing it and enjoyed warming it up again. Also played it in church today instead of the usual violin - we thought we'd vary things a bit, so had Bron on piano, Justus on guitar and me on mandolin. Anyone know of any other instruments ending in 'lin'? It seems I have only been playing instruments that have my name in it, so am wondering what else I can tackle. Cello really appeals but I'd have to make it a cellin or cellolin...also there's the pianolin?
After our evening service we had our monthly musicians' get-together event, at which we learn new songs.  We've been loving the Sovereign Grace music - they have attempted to marry old hymns full of solid and profound theological content with modern arrangements and styles, with much success.  Probably a favourite that we did this evening was "Behold our God" - listen to it here.


Cameron Foster said...

haha, maybe we should just both learn the cello!

Buckland said...

The listen HERE is not working. :( It's "private". What a pity. Do you have any others on You Tube that I could listen to? I am looking for some nice solid (modern) hymns that I can use for personal worship times.