Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Into the light

Bring it on, summer! Actually it was cold and overcast all day, but around tea-time the clouds lifted and it was sunny. We took a 7 pm walk to Dashing Rocks - a fresh easterly breeze made it a little on the chilly side but it was still great to get out together and enjoy the evening.
Got up on this little structure for a family photo...
...then set another picture up on the beach, but the breeze gave me some interesting wings.
The boys were less than happy to have less than two minutes at the water's edge before we decided that it was actually too cold after all to be out - the last thing we want is two sick boys on our hands.
So home we went...
The boys played 'rock, paper, scissors' in the paddock, but watch what happens when Caleb throws a punch...
I absolutely love contre-jour photography, particularly in the early morning or late evening and particularly on flowers where petals become transparent; fine hairs and cobwebs stand out and you get that 'mmmm, take a deep breath and enjoy the sun' feeling.
By the time I had finished aiming my camera at the sun outside, Nick had already picked and vased these roses for me...beautiful!

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