Monday, November 26, 2012

For sale

Andreas and Danielle have put their beautiful house on the much as we hope they sell quickly, we will miss the spectacular views - glad that the hospitality remains the same though wherever they live! It's been a group effort in getting things ready for an open home - Nick and Petru were there last night helping with painting and laying floors and lots of moral support, along with many others who have been in and out assisting with bits and pieces. My part was easy - take a few photos! It was as interesting photographing the nooks and crannies as it was getting in the actual rooms...I'll be back for more!
Above: The workers on a break
Who wouldn't want to buy this house - it's gorgeous!!
The smile doesn't come with the house, unfortunately ;)
Nor does Roxy, who was a great model for some interest in the lounge.
How inviting - above and below!!
Danielle was assigned the cleaning out of Andreas' man cave - surprisingly she's still smiling after clearing away a square metre of bench space in about an hour!
Cuteness - love Danielle's decor style!

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