Saturday, November 10, 2012

Relaxed Ladies (Part II)

Saturday of our Retreat...leisurely cereal, fruit, yoghurt and toast for breakfast, then the second 'session' - I shared my testimony, with an emphasis on 2 Corinthians 12:9, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness", speaking largely about my experiences on St Helena Island and struggles with depression, and how the Lord used those times to teach me reliance on Him.  The rest of the morning was a time for chatting and sharing, or dispersing for a snooze...lunch appeared without us lifting a hand, thanks to two very brave gentlemen who came on camp to do the cooking.
Liz graciously brought along craft supplies and a good stack of paper and goodies which, along with some surprises in the brown paper gift bags, turned into a card-making challenge.  We were tasked with producing a card using certain per-requisite items like a bamboo kebab stick, a scrap of yarn, a button, some was a varied list and the cards themselves were just as interesting!  After the challenge was complete we were free to keep going, which took us to afternoon tea and beyond.
Still some time to relax wonder Liz wasn't tired after the late nights we shared at camp!  I was blessed to be roomies with Liz, Tehila and Eliya, the latter being an honorary lady at her tender age of one.  We had some great late-night and early-morning chats in the pyjama-clad comfort of sleeping bags and bunk beds.
Saturday night entertainment...a Sound of Music singalong!  Our social committee (ie Liz and me) had things sussed.  Liz printed out all the words for everyone and we even stood for the final 'climb every mountain' - can't reach those high notes with a squashed diaphragm :) 
Kiwi-style 'supper' during intermission...cheese and biscuits, grapes, chocolate, and chips.

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